Josh Faigen of Charlotte, NC had this to say about Timber Hill Tree Service:

A piece of dead tree that fell from nearly 40 feet and almost hit Charlotte, North Carolina, Angie’s List member Josh Faigen prompted him to call Timber Hill Tree Service, also in Charlotte.

“My fiancée and I bought our home in March and had been looking to perform some cleanup work on the numerous trees around our house for nearly three months,” he says.

They received another quote a month earlier from a reputable company, but didn’t move forward at the time due to price.

Faigen says the other company recommended he remove two trees, but owner Mark Shuey of Timber Hill told him the trees were healthy. “Mark’s knowledge was amazing,” Faigen says. “His costs were substantially lower than his competitors.”

For this reason, Faigen contracted highly rated Timber Hill to remove the dead wood from 10 large trees. Faigen says previous owners neglected the trees, which now posed a danger to his house and vehicles.

He adds the job was great from start to finish, and the crew cleaned up better than he could have imagined.

“Getting to watch Mark’s employees climb 100-plus feet in the air around our house and skillfully remove limbs, while taking extreme care to our house and vehicles, was also great,” he says. “We will definitely be going back to Timber Hill in the future for all of our tree service needs!”


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